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Buying Properties Abroad Stockholm

“The Nordic regions biggest and most visited exhibition for buying properties abroad.”
Buying Properties Abroad Stockholm provides a great platform for all those who have interests in buying properties in places other than their home countries and it plays an important role in providing the professionals and interested buyers to meet interact amongst each other and find out the best prospect.

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Bomassa Vasteras

Bomassa Vasteras event will display products like offered from ceilings, walls, floors and tiles to baths, kitchens, furniture, building materials, electronics and interior. A typical visitor will start and renovate or rebuild, and come to the fair for inspiration, expert assistance and good deals, from as many suppliers as possible, under the same roof.

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Joint European Magnetic Symposia

Joint European Magnetic Symposia combine to form the most important and comprehensive conference on magnetism in Europe. It cover a broad range of topics addressing fundamental and applied magnetism, and novel magnetic materials. Plenary, semi-plenary and invited speakers give lectures on important recent advances within each symposium, in addition to contributed talks and poster sessions.

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World Water Week

“Integrated management of urban water buffering: from research to implementation”
Water issues have always been major issues in the entire world. So, to discuss this issue and have a talk or discussion about this critical problem, World Water Week is organized. Its main motive is to bring attention of the people to the water-related challenges that are occurring in almost every part if the world. This event allows people to exchange their views, experiences, and practices, between scientific, business, policy and civiccommunities. This problem may lead to several other problems that include, health, climate, economy, and poverty reduction as well. So it needs to be solved and this can be done by the help of scientific studies, maintaining relations between various area expertise, highlight ground breaking research, to develop concrete solutions to water, environment and development challenges.

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School of Nurses International Conference

The School of Nurses International Conference provides the attendees with the opportunity to gain insights relating to the topics of global health, health in school children and adolescent, school system, school health administration, coordination and leadership, mental health, migration, children with special educational needs and disabilities, vaccination in school, and much more.

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International Conference on Interactional Competences and Practices in a Second Language

International Conference on Interactional Competences and Practices in a Second Language have increasingly been researched in language classrooms and other institutional settings as well as in non-institutional contexts that include practices of ‘learning in the wild’. Principles of ethnomethodology, conversation analysis, membership categorization analysis, and usage-based linguistics have equipped researchers with tools to investigate how users of L2s engage in sense making practices, and how they learn and teach in interaction. This social and qualitative trend in L2 interaction research has also fuelled a growing body of studies into interactional competence.

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Stockholm Criminology Symposium

The Stockholm Criminology Symposium, organized by the The Stockholm Criminology Symposium will take place from 10th June to the 12th June 2019 at the Stockholm City Conference Centre in Stockholm, Sweden. The conference will cover areas like latest research findings of importance for crime policy and strategies, methods and measures to reduce crime and improve levels of safety in society. Many of the attendees here shall be international criminologists, policy makers, practitioners and others.

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Cleantech Forum Europe

Cleantech Forum Europe offers a wide-ranging, three-day program along with exclusive opportunities to network, learn, and get deals done. It will give you a glimpse of the future, get you out of your everyday silos, provide a different perspective, and help you find innovations of relevance to you that are in adjacent or altogether different industrial and technology areas. We convene the game-changers from multiple sectors all in one place for three days, from 25+ countries, and from over 100 cities worldwide.

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Scandinavian Neurosurgical Society Congress

The Scandinavian Neurosurgical Society (SNS) congress in Stockholm will focus on all health care providers and scientists with an interest in neurosurgery, neuroradiology, and nursing. The congress will run as a combination of plenary sessions with topics of interest for all participants, and separate breakout sessions with a focus on topics of special interest for Neurosurgeons, Neuroradiologists and Neuro nurses. Exchange of scientific ideas and daily practice is at the center of the Congress; however, it would not be an SNS congress without a major focus on social interaction. The cultural heritage and the Nordic approach to life is the essence of our society and our meetings.

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ITEC provides visitors with a platform to discuss developments in this evolving market and exchange ideas about future requirements for military training, education and simulation. It is Europe’s leading military training, simulation and education exhibition and conference. It is an essential visit to hear from the leading thought leaders from the industry talk about the current threats, challenges that are facing the industry. As well the latest technologies and solutions that are available on the market.

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Nordic Evidence Leaders Forum

The Nordic Evidence Leaders Forum provides the attendees with the opportunity to understand how to take advantage of the Nordic region for clinical, real-world and pragmatic studies, especially through accessing unique external data sources, understand reimbursement pathways and the evidence requirements of payers and HTAs, appreciate how to leverage the power of medical affairs to develop evidence and communicate it’s value to stakeholders, obtain the latest information on how to navigate complex reimbursement pathways for advanced devices and diagnostics, and much more.

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Undersea Defence Technology Exhibition and Conference

Undersea Defence Technology Exhibition and Conference is a multi-faceted event that reflects this community’s desire for continuous learning in dealing with the world’s increasing diversity of threats and challenges. It brings together professionals from the military, industry, and academia to focus on the cutting edge technologies and developments within one of the harshest environments known to man.

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Statistical Physics of Complex Systems

Statistical Physics of Complex Systems will deal with a selection of the most recent developments and cutting-edge scientific research topics within the general area of nonequilibrium statistical physics, stochastic modelling, complex networks, nonlinear dynamical systems, chaos and turbulence, disordered quantum systems and spin glasses, phase transitions and critical phenomena, and interdisciplinary applications in physics, biology, economics, and the social sciences.

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Planet Earth Symposium

The Planet Earth Symposium will focus on a subject of crucial importance to all, the planet that we live on. The program will look at the planet from its very beginnings, consider the origin of life and evolution in its various forms and it will also investigate physical earth, offering an assessment of the planet, its current inhabitants and the biodiversity that support these.

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SvD Naringsliv Investor Summit

The SvD Naringsliv Investor Summit is a unique event that brings together the most initiated group of experts in the field to discuss the conditions for institutional investors and it focuses on new regulations for a sustainable financial market, coping with geopolitical risk, sustainable and ethical investments, current monetary policy – The Riksbank, allocation strategies & alternative investments – risk or opportunity, tools and models for managing financial portfolios – scientifically based goals for sustainable development, conditions for a well-functioning fiscal policy framework and game plan, etc.

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TXF Nordics Exporting Forum

TXF Nordics Exporting Forum will bring together senior decision-makers and experts to discuss and debate the impact of global developments and the trajectory of the market beyond 2019. With a professionally and geographically diverse range of exporters, pan-Nordic ECAs, local and international lenders, borrowers and law firms representing the region, this is an excellent place to build your Nordic exporting network. Expect a range of sessions covering key markets and their challenges and opportunities.

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Microsoft Tech Summit Stockholm

Microsoft Tech Summit Stockholm provide the attendees with opportunities to learn new ways to code, optimize their cloud infrastructure, and modernize their organization with deep technical training. It is the platform where developers and tech professionals continue learning alongside experts and it also helps to explore the latest developer tools and cloud technologies and learn how to put the skills to work in new areas.

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Savant eCommerce Stockholm

“What to do about the looming entrance of Amazon in the region?”
The winds of change are blowing through the eCommerce industry in the Nordics. There is one major question on the minds of omnichannel and pure player retailers: What to do about the looming entrance of Amazon in the region. Traditional and product-centric business models will no longer be sufficient to survive and thrive when the Goliath marketplace makes its entrance. Over two days Savant eCommerce Stockholm will be bringing market-leading omnichannel retailers and pure players together to
.. continue reading discuss common challenges, possibilities and opportunities that can be explored to accelerate their digital change, and move from traditional eCommerce models to customer-centric, data-centric, brand-centric, and experience-driven models. Join us in Stockholm for Savant eCommerce to share in the experience and gain insights from other Nordic retailers into how to position yourself to be a David in the face of Goliath.

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“Discover The Future Of The Erlang Ecosystem, In The Home Of Erlang”
Code BEAM STO conference is the only conference in Europe to bring all the languages that run on the BEAM together, including Erlang and Elixir. Learn from cutting-edge talks and our in-depth training program, how BEAM languages are revolutionizing areas like IoT, Blockchain, Fintech, Security, Machine Learning and more.

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“Scandinavia’s largest lighting fair.”
ELFACK is a 4 day event being held from 7th May to the 10th May 2019 at the Swedish Exhibition Centre (Svenska Massan) in Gothenburg, Sweden. This event showcases products like entire electricity sector for stimulating discussions about future solutions, ideas and innovations etc. in the Electronics & Electrical Goods industry.

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Beauty through Science Conference

The Beauty through Science is the largest aesthetic medicine meeting in Scandinavia. This conference will talk about plastic surgery, breast implant surgery, and aesthetic medicine etc. This event is just talked about artificial beauty. Here you will meet experts from this field who share their experience and gives the advice to improve your skills about beauty.

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Yoga Games Health Fair

Yoga Games Health Fair aims to innovate and broaden the range of presenters and motivators to enhance the overall experience such as a bigger marketplace, live music, and a positive atmosphere. It features a width from various forms of yoga, interesting lectures and workshops as well as a mix of international, national and local presenters and conveys new experiences and to get more people to discover the wonderful world of yoga.

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International Conference on Recent Innovations in Engineering and Technology

The International Conference on Recent Innovations in Engineering and Technology aims to be one of the leading international conferences for presenting novel and fundamental advances in the fields of Recent Innovations in Engineering and Technology. It also serves to foster communication among researchers and practitioners working in a wide variety of scientific areas with a common interest in improving Recent Innovations in Engineering and Technology related techniques.

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Senior MalmoMassan

MalmoMassan senior Fair is the largest trade show for those who want to live an active life and discover something new again. Here you can meet the largest number of exhibitors with the most diverse range of quality products and offers. Here are exhibitors in many different areas like Travel & Tourism, Housing & Services, Health Care, Health & Beauty and Leisure & Culture .

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Market Art Fair

The Market Art Fair is bringing together the most prominent galleries, artists and collectors of the Nordic region and beyond. During the fair selected galleries showcase an exclusive selection of the most interesting art on the Nordic art scene, focusing on carefully curated solo and duo projects. It also features an ambitious programme of talks and projects and arranges a VIP programme for international collectors and art professionals.

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Stockholm Art Week

Stockholm Art Week is a platform that showcases leading Nordic art fairs alongside many of Stockholm’s prominent museums, institutions and art spaces who will arrange special programs, events and pop-up exhibitions throughout the duration of the week. The annual celebration of Stockholm’s vibrant art scene aims to promote the visual arts to a wider audience and showcase Sweden as a global art destination.

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International Conference Languages, Nations, Cultures

International Conference Languages, Nations, Cultures explores the complex relationships that exist between languages, nations, and cultures. In particular, it does so from the perspective of pluricentric languages; languages that have more than one national center. While speakers from different nations may share a common language, they may display different cultural preferences and norm orientations, evident in divergent language use.

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International Conference on Renewable Energy Gas Technology

International Conference on Renewable Energy Gas Technology has a technical and industrial focus and is directed towards bio-, electro-, and thermochemical conversion of biomass/waste to biomethane, landfill gas extraction and utilization, and biomass gasification for CHP production and industrial use, as well as cryogenic upgrading/liquefaction.

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Goteborgsvarvet Expo

Goteborgsvarvet Sport & Health Expo is the place to be for everyone who has a passion for an active lifestyle. Exhibitors are waiting to inspire the attendees with everything they need to make running a beautiful part of their life. It is a true adventure for all runners. It features a display of the products such as various industries with products related to running and health: clothing, shoes, food supplements, sports magazines etc.

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Sans Stockholm

The Sans Stockholm event will provide you with the skills to defend your organisation against security breaches and prevent future attacks. At this event, you will Network with like-minded security professionals facing similar challenges. Attend evening bonus sessions led by SANS Instructors and gain insight into the latest cybersecurity topics, and Extend your SANS course by four months with an OnDemand Bundle.

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Geo Media International Conference

The Geo Media International Conference, the aim of the conference is to map out the current terrain of communication geographical research, pinpointing its main areas of debate and assessing the prospects of communication geography as a more formalized academic field. The goal is to become an internationally renowned actor and arena for research and exchanges within the expanding interdisciplinary area of communication geography.

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Nordic Business Forum

Nordic Business Forum has become one of the world’s most significant business conferences for a reason. The events are known for a customer experience like no other, attention to detail, an impressive speaker lineup, top notch customer service, and bright-minded attendees. Some have even called it a business conference and a rock concert all wrapped into one. Be inspired, discover new ideas, and build valuable networks. You will not regret attending.

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IT Security Insights

“Protecting Your Data Through Innovation”
It’s our pleasure to welcome you at the 3rd Edition of the IT Security Insights conference that is for the first time being organised in collaboration with the Cloud Security Alliance, Sweden Chapter. We believe the partnership is a win-win for both the IT Security Insights Conference and CSA since we both share a mutual objective of creating awareness of challenges and trends for almost the same target audience. The conference is going to be more insightful with more speakers and bigger than before with a combination of presentations, panel debates and round table discussions to boost increased interactions between vendors and users of IT/Cloud Security Services.